Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A simple and elegant dress for a big day

On Monday i had a job interview and realised that my wardrobe is a bit on the bright/floral side and didnt have anything appropriate to wear. As it was the day before the interview i decided to get cracking and make something corporate.

I raced down to a few fabric stores around town but managed to find some navy polyester (and something) fabric so it wouldnt crinkle from 'the fabric warehouse'. I had some lining at home.

I knew i wanted it to look really simple and didnt have time to scribble up a new pattern. So, i based this garment on the fit of one of my strapless floral dresses i made but incorporated some chest and shoulder cover.

To top it off my stunning friend Delia and i had a really fun night with shooting these pics. Dont mean to be captain obvious here but she looks amazing!

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