Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Bag, Little Bag

I decided to make a new bag as i am really indecisive when it comes to buying one. I decided that i wanted a little shoulder bag to fit the necessities for town wondering and a bigger bag for carrying the bulkier items in. Thats all i  really had in mind at the time as i usually let the fabric inspire the design.

The bigger bag is made of upholstery material as it was the only fabric i could find at the time that was durable enough for its purpose (and still colourful). 

For the little bag the lace and leather idea came to me as i was wondering around the haberdashery department of spotlight and decided i wanted to soften the look of the black leather that i had bought. The zip was meant to fit across the back of the bag but due to a change in the dimensions i decided to fit it differently. I decided to add a shoulder pad to the strap for comfort.

Back of Lace and Leather Bag.

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