Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chopping Marbles

Inspired by Japanese culture and the love of playing games, out came an impromptu round of 'Chopping Marbles'. The simple aim being to transfer marbles from one location to the next using only chop sticks. Naturally there is room to mix it up and adapt the game to increase the challenge or as we found out, to stop Nana from scooping and pushing her marbles around and cheating her way to victory. In one round (featured photo) we collected the multiple smaller marbles first and then and only then, were we able to go for the big one worth a whole two points, hilarious and intense to say the least. Simple, easy and slices of fun. Enjoy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Bean Bag

It was my partners birthday. I made him a bean bag because he's always wanted one.
Its shaped like a hot water bottle and has a red X on it so you know where to put your bum. You can lie out on it or sit in it like a chair.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camera baggy

I've recently crossed into the world of digital SLR cameras which has freed up how often i use my Canon G10. So since its not being used so often i have given this to my partner.

To help him keep it safe, i made him a wee camera bag. I got this amazing idea from photojojo (Such an awesome site for camera lovers. Please check it out) My partner had preferences as to how the bag opened and requested straps so that he could wear it.
Heres the end result.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sevens Weekend

This weekend I was lucky enough to be given some free sevens tickets from a friend. However, it was the night before and I didnt have a costume. I was sure that most costume shops would be well rinsed due to the popularity of the occaision to dress up. So at 10.30pm off i went, searching the house for anything i could muster an outfit out of.

I managed to find a red wig and a bunch of green fabric and instantly thought of Poison Ivy. I wanted it to look cute but i also didnt want it to be they type of costume that doesnt cover alot. So with that in mind i decided to encorporate shorts as i figured they would cover more.

I woke up early on the Saturday morning and realised that i needed an outfit before lunch time. So to the craft room i went, sewing like a mad woman. After it was complete it was time for some make up ideas.
I tuned into youtube and watched Kandee the make up artists tutorial on a Poison Ivy look.

the outcome.....

I realise now my design flaw. I created a jumpsuit, and its not really ideal when youre drinking all day which would result in many trips to the bathroom.