Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sevens Weekend

This weekend I was lucky enough to be given some free sevens tickets from a friend. However, it was the night before and I didnt have a costume. I was sure that most costume shops would be well rinsed due to the popularity of the occaision to dress up. So at 10.30pm off i went, searching the house for anything i could muster an outfit out of.

I managed to find a red wig and a bunch of green fabric and instantly thought of Poison Ivy. I wanted it to look cute but i also didnt want it to be they type of costume that doesnt cover alot. So with that in mind i decided to encorporate shorts as i figured they would cover more.

I woke up early on the Saturday morning and realised that i needed an outfit before lunch time. So to the craft room i went, sewing like a mad woman. After it was complete it was time for some make up ideas.
I tuned into youtube and watched Kandee the make up artists tutorial on a Poison Ivy look.

the outcome.....

I realise now my design flaw. I created a jumpsuit, and its not really ideal when youre drinking all day which would result in many trips to the bathroom.

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