Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Late Night Garden Adventure

As mentioned in my previous post, my stunning friend Delia modelled some dresses i made. We had lots of fun shooting the photos in the botanical gardens and around the city. This reminded me of when my sisters and i would play dress ups and make overs. Its good to know we can still have great times like these. Lots of giggles and loads of fun.

A simple and elegant dress for a big day

On Monday i had a job interview and realised that my wardrobe is a bit on the bright/floral side and didnt have anything appropriate to wear. As it was the day before the interview i decided to get cracking and make something corporate.

I raced down to a few fabric stores around town but managed to find some navy polyester (and something) fabric so it wouldnt crinkle from 'the fabric warehouse'. I had some lining at home.

I knew i wanted it to look really simple and didnt have time to scribble up a new pattern. So, i based this garment on the fit of one of my strapless floral dresses i made but incorporated some chest and shoulder cover.

To top it off my stunning friend Delia and i had a really fun night with shooting these pics. Dont mean to be captain obvious here but she looks amazing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big Bag, Little Bag

I decided to make a new bag as i am really indecisive when it comes to buying one. I decided that i wanted a little shoulder bag to fit the necessities for town wondering and a bigger bag for carrying the bulkier items in. Thats all i  really had in mind at the time as i usually let the fabric inspire the design.

The bigger bag is made of upholstery material as it was the only fabric i could find at the time that was durable enough for its purpose (and still colourful). 

For the little bag the lace and leather idea came to me as i was wondering around the haberdashery department of spotlight and decided i wanted to soften the look of the black leather that i had bought. The zip was meant to fit across the back of the bag but due to a change in the dimensions i decided to fit it differently. I decided to add a shoulder pad to the strap for comfort.

Back of Lace and Leather Bag.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Dress for My Sister

The other week i recieved an email from my little sister asking for me to make her a dress for her awards night. Being the artist that she is, she drew me a picture of what she had in mind in 'paint' and attached it in the email.

We then got chatting about details and fabrics and combined our ideas.
End result.....

(blog address fail in the picture. I forgot nz)