Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY Chalkboards

I wanted a few Chalkboards for around the house to write scribbles on. since it was a rainy day i decided to get crafty.

I love photography and decided that i liked the idea of having a blackboard within a frame so i could hang it on the wall amongst my framed pictures. I also wanted to make it a bit of a cheap project so off I went on a bit of a bargain hunt.

I scored these two second hand frames from Trash Palace for $10.
Next, it was off to Bunnings for some paint supplies. I bought a 250ml Pot of Chalkboard Paint in black for $12.02 (It is also available in green if you prefer), A test pot of paint (Dulux lyttleton 1/4) for $5.00 and a paint brush for $2.98. The Chalk i got later from Kirks for $1.99

The frames were quite dusty so i gave them a bit of a wash with some warm soapy water and a cloth to prep them for painting. I then took the picture out so i could paint over it without painting the frame.
It was time to get painting... Luckily the pictures i painted over were smooth. If you decide to paint over a painting that has texture like an oil painting or a rough canvas you might like to either flip the board over or find/buy a new piece of board to fit.

I applied two coats of Black Chalkboard paint. (when making your own you might need to read the instructions on how many coats are required)

While the boards were drying i decided to paint one of the frames with the test pot of paint i mentioned earlier. I decided to paint only one of the frames as i liked the character of the other and decided to leave it as it was. (when making your own you might like to add your own personal flair and paint it a nice bright colour or even multiple colours.)

Once the frames and the boards were dry it was time to put the two together.

Time to hang them up...

All up this cost me $32 for two decent sized chalkboards which isnt bad and im still left with alot of left over paint for future projects.

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  1. Oooh, cute! Painting frames is such a good way to go. Can't wait to check them out this weekend :)