Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh Baby

With an increase of people i know having children, i have stumbled across the dilema of buying baby gifts. I'm always worried that i will get them something they already have or something that someone else has got for them. So, i decided to take the creative route and try making something instead. A few couples have decided not to check the gender of the baby as they want it to be a suprise on the day. with this in mind, i decided to make neutral coloured clothes so that any gender can wear them. staying away from the typical pink, blue and yellow.

Heres the first attempt. It turned out alot bigger than i expected so i'll take it back to the drawing board and create something a smaller. The fabric is made of all natural fibers which i guess will make mum and dad happy. I also didnt really like the idea of it having a zip as sometimes they can be a bit scratchy.

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