Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cushion Making.

So these cushions are really simple and you can get really creative with them. Im sure alot of you would have made cushions at school so you can just apply what you already know.

Ingredients: I used an old woollen blanket but you can use what ever fabric you like for the base of the cushion. Some felt. I chose white but you can get what ever colour you like. Some Buttons for decoration and a print out of New Zealand.

So first of all, you may want to make a wee sketch of what you want on your cushion. For mine ive chosen the map of New Zealand and printed it out to use as a stencil. you can do the same with any picture you want.

Once youve printed or drawn your stencil you can cut it out and apply it to your felt with pins and then cut them out. (ignore the heart in all the following photos, I decided not to use it in the end)

Then we need to cut out 2 squares in the fabric that weve chosen for the main part of the cushion.
For my measurements I decided to cut mine 40cm x 40cm

Once youve cut out your squares, lay the felt cut outs onto one of them and pin them in place.

Once youve done that you can start hand stitching. (You can machine stitch it if you like but i recon hand stitching gives it more character and makes it look more home made.) Put on some good music or some telly to watch/listen while you do this. It can pass the time quicker.

Once you have finnished hand stitching add in what ever items you have chosen to decorate it with e.g buttons, ribbons or even more felt layers.

Once youre happy with it. Put the two good sides of your cushion quares and pin them in place.

After pinning it together. You can sew all around the edges with your sewing machine leaving a little gap (12cm) so you can turn it back the right way round.

Turn your cushion the right way out and stuff it with some cushion filler. Once it has been filled get a needle and thread and hand stitch the gap up. (you can get real crafty if you like and put a zip in the back instead so you can put a premade cushion insert inside instead).

Voila! youre done!

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